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After 6 months of relocating every day, to a stable office environment to increase our productivity ten fold.

New Starts @ Nothing Hill

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a place to laser things. We're productive people, but that was a little hindered off the bat - we lacked a place to 3D print our product and then attack it with a diode laser. That's now changed.

We're really happy to say we are now permanent residents of Nothing Hill in Kirkenes. We have ample space to 3D print our hearts out, and plenty of ventilation as to not bother anybody with fumes from the laser.

The importance of our printer not growing legs.

We spent a lot of our time in our first few months just setting up every day to try and get some work done. Borrowing a place to code and design, knowing that it would take another 30 minutes after we were finished working to clear everything away again

Imagine actually turning on your 3D printer and it still being in the same place when you get back, crazy we know. Which is where exactaly?

We're on the floor adjacent to the main entrance. If you want to book a meeting with us, we'll be sure to meet you at the front door. The premises is under going some renovation and will be built into something great, we're proud to be here and witness this place grow and be a small part of it as best we can. Take a read of the Nothingness Manifesto :

Where Snappy Goes From Here.

We have a few projects in the works, we're open for business and willing to talk to new customers who need software to solve their company issues. Here's the process in a nutshell:

Final Thoughts

We are having a blast doing what we love, we're happy to share our knowledge and talent for software. We're also very open to working with companies who have very specific needs for their software, no matter how niche you may think it is, we can make it. Take the step to make your company a better place to work, build an app.

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